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Explore Colorado’s past through the archives, artifacts, and photographs of the History Colorado Collection.

The Stephen H. Hart Research Center provides access to the History Colorado Collection as well as research and reproduction services. The Research Center is open via appointment Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-3pm. Please visit the Research Center page for more information. Research Center staff are happy to help with virtual assistance at cosearch@state.co.us or by telephone 303-866-2305

The Applied Arts collection provides material evidence of industrial production in Colorado, reflects the daily life of Colorado’s diverse population, and covers major movements and issues of the 20th century. Artifacts in the Applied Arts collection include wallpaper, appliances, architectural drawings, design sketches, lighting fixtures, posters, greeting cards, and product packaging. Highlights from the collection include: World War I, World War II, Prohibition and road or billboard posters; and product packaging from Colorado businesses such as Baur’s Candy Company, the Morey Mercantile, and Coors Brewery; political signs supporting past and present candidates; architectural drawings including a large collection of drawings by Colorado architect Robert S. Roeschlaub; washing machines from the early 1900s to Harvest Gold refrigerators from the 1970s, and beautiful wallpaper designs from the early 1900s through the 1980s.

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TrinketSwift & Co. Swift's Price70.27.186
radioRCA Radiola Super-Heterodyne ; Radiola AR-81270.39.1
Set, pressure cooker3 Quart Family Size Pressure Cooker71.18.1
washing machine72.2.1
radioRadiola IV (AR-880)74.65.1
Set, tinSupreme Bakers/The Merchants Biscuit Co. Butter Wafers Tin (with lid)75.31.6
signAdams Express Company Sign76.159.1
Set, boxQuick Quaker Oats83.4.113
Wallpaper, piece83.4.400
LithographIdaho, Clear Creek County.83.125.23
beer bottleCentury Beer83.208.11
Greeting, New YearHappy New Year 188283.209.15
Postcard, ChristmasA Merry Christmas83.209.17
posterThe Transitway: Mall Poster83.493.3
posterCarlson-Frink Dairy advertisement84.98.133
Christmas cardBest Wishes84.98.169.5
Christmas cardGreetings84.98.169.15
Christmas cardMerry Christmas84.98.169.146
posterG.A.R. National Encampment Salt Lake City, Utah84.101.10
posterPh. Zang Brewing Co. advertising calendar litho84.405.10
poster1904 Greeting The Neef Bros. Brewing Co.84.405.11
serving trayDrink Capitol Beer ; Capitol Brewing Co. beer tray84.405.19
sign, BrassThe PH. Zang Brewing Co.84.405.51
sign, advertisingZang Brewing Co. advertisement: A Knotty Problem84.405.63
Shaped to look like a bar of soap with the ridge on both sides, a brass eye ring screwed into one side, a small piece of red yard still attached, might have been a necklace for a little girl.
See records for 70.39.1.A - .J
Pressure cooker pot and lid.
Butter wafer tin with lid.Tin is light green with blue text and picture of wafers and the lid is cream colored with light blue underneath (Supreme Bakers mark is very light on the lid.
Advertising sign for the Adams Express Company, manufactured in New York by the Robert Gate ((?)-text not clearly legible) Company. The sign is press board with a paper label adhered to both the front and the back, with a cloth edge and rope handle. Printed on the paper label on the front and back are the words "Adams Express Company" on a red background with a silver and black tooth-like geometric pattern at the edge.
woman waiving american flag. below her is a charging army.
Cylindrical cardboard box is tan inside, a paper label is adhered to the front. Background is yellow, red, white and dark blue or black lettering. An image of a man with long white hair, black hat in colonial outfit is holding an open scroll.
Foreground left side depicts a dirt road with two people in a wagon drawn by two horses. Right side are two animals standing un-tethered, a man walks on a dirt road. Middleground are houses, most on the left side, another horse drawn wagon on the same road, two-story buildings or houses. Across the road are several structures, in the middle is probably a farm with buildings and a fence around it. The right side has mostly farm houses. by the lone man is a large structure, smoke coming from the roof, wagon standing about, men talking. A few trees in this area. In the distant is a river winding from the mountains to the town. Background are a few more houses, hills on both sides of the river, does not appear to be a mountainous area. Very light blue sky. Lithograph has been trimmed down at top and bottom.
Small bottle has a sloping neck that widdens slightly into the body. Standard lip and collar. Paper label with trade mark of company initials and mountains. Around this trade mark is a picture of hops on vine and barley. Bottom is embossed.
Wooden horseshoe shape with handpainted berries, stems and leaves. Tied on each side is red ribbon, a loop at top for hanging.
Depicted is Santa Claus sitting in a car as his sleigh. Santa has brown gloves on, dark red coat, white bead, moustache and hair. On head is brown hat, glasses stuck up in hat. Behind him are the topys to be delivered: tree and three dolls. On the front of his car are holly berries. Behind Santa is a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and half a white moon. Back is divided for correspondence on left, address on right. Upper right corner is a one cent Ben Franklin stamp. Post Office stamp in middle.
multicolored painting. uncle sam as the pied piper leading several school aged children into a garden. above painting is black and red typed lettering.
blue drawing of man eating lunch, while day dreaming of a burning building. below drawing is black lettering in red textbox.
painting. background is dark blue and purple. in the foreground a young girl is jumping rope. behind her is a woman playing tug of war with two small children. Under image is white typed lettering.
Charcoal drawing of industurial scene: ships, planes, trains, a crain, and smoke.
Cream colored paper glued on to a cloth backing. Painting of a purple monster with bloody sword and hands, climbing over a destroyed and burning city. Under image is white, red, and gold lettering. Prominent colors are blue, purple, and gold.
painting of lady liberty with telephone in hand, facing auideince. light green background. black lettering at bottom.
typed notice, black lettering on white paper.
Paper poster was printed using a four-color separation process. It shows a woman's hand with a milk pitcher and blue-rimmed white dishes with pie, cereal, fruit, and a steaming cup of coffee sitting on a doily. A cartouche at center right advises the customer to buy Holstein Farm Milk.
Paper folded twice. When open flat, back and front form one scene. Foreground horse drawn sled, two people in it, trotting on a snow covered path. Middleground red barn, white roof, weather vane on top. Semi-right behind barn a yellow clap-board house, red roof. On left side of road fir tree, snow covered bare tree, one red bird on top. behind snow covered hill top, roof of red and yellow houses. Back on the right side, small green tree beside two story red house with yellow door. Dark green house on its left, two story, wreaths in window. Background pink church, red bell tower with black bell, white steeple, cross on top. Next to it red house, widdow walk on top, Bare snow covered trees, grey sky dotted with snow flakes. Inside left small print of red two-story house, wreath on door, two fir trees, snow falling. Right side is greeting.
Double fold card front depicts foreground people circling a decorated Christmas tree with glitter garland in street. Right might be a candy shop, trees leaning against building, wares in window, lady coming from shop, candy stripe awning, Top two floors multi pane windows with green wreaths in each. Small, narrow pink two story house on right, tree in window, wreath in top windown, chimney. Two bare trees behind. Behind the decorated green tree is a yellow two-story house, red door, next on right a white church, light shining from door, on its right a red two story house with multi-pane windows, leaf-less trees around. White closud in sky.
Single frold card. Front of card in black background depicts each letter of "Merry Christmas" on different items. Going from M to S: drum, bird, pineapple, bell, ball, wreath, decoration, bell, candle, decoration, block, traingular tree, decoration.
Poster is on very heavy cardboard right and left side are identicle lettering: G.A.R National Encampment, Salt Lake City Utah, August 9-14, 1909, G.A.R National Encampment, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 9-14, 1909. Middle of the poster is a large church surrounded on three sides with trees, and a fence. At the bottom of the poster in double printing: Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, Denver and Rio Grade Railroad. Signed in white ink:" W. H. Shilvock"
Background of a print is dark green. On the top of it - white letters (advertisement). In the bottom of this text there is a woman with large decollete, big red hat and red flowers in her hair.
Poster of young Victorian lady, only seen from bust up. Dress is shades of pink, wide ruffle at "V" shape neck. Four strands of varying lengths of pearls wound around her neck. Black band at neck with white beads in square design. Sad look on her face, red cheeks and lips. Blue eyes, dark lashes and brows. Brown hair curls from under very large hat that matches dress. Left side are pink flowers, above black band on hat more flowers. Light green plume adorns right side of brim. Text above and on either side of poster.
Gilded frame with geometric design around outside then recessed, more geometric design with glass covering poster which is adhered on gold color matt. Back has 2 1/4 inch wood strips around sides. Two "D" rings on either side of frame for hanging. Backing of poster is a porous type of material with glazer points shot into wood strips to hold backing.
Tray has black rim with gold text. Inside background are splashes of yellow, light treen. Lady has brown extreme bouffant hair style. Brown eyes, red lips, looking to her right. Dress is yellow, green and touch of orange to blend into background. Her name is printed at bottom.
Rounded corners, narrow black line 1/2" around all sides. Upper left is the logo for the company: Circle with narrow black outer line, inside white line, another white line with red between two white lines. Text in white, Another circle with a mountain and "The Mount Of The Holy Cross, to the left of the mountain are two grains of wheat stalks, bottom of this area are hops. To the right of the circle again are wheat and hops with their stalks and leaves. Three inch dark blue banner angels from left corner to top right, around this banner are small red and blue stripe dots. The Zang name being in the middle. More text on right near bottom. Two holes at top with chain attached on one side, opposite side hangs loose.
Advertising piece for PH Zang brewing company of Denver uses image of two elderly gentleman seated in red chairs at a table covered by a white tablecloth. A stack of books in the foreground holds a tray with two different types of beer bottle. Two goblets of beer sit on the table, along with a rolled document, a red case and other papers. The background is dark and the company name is in the upper left corner. The company logo is in bottom right corner of tablecloth which depicts the Mount of the Holy Cross and ears of wheat. A label glued to the back indicates that the image is a painting by Louis Moeller, a National Academy artist.
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