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Explore Colorado’s past through the archives, artifacts, and photographs of the History Colorado Collection.

The Stephen H. Hart Research Center provides access to the History Colorado Collection as well as research and reproduction services.  Please visit the History Colorado website for more information. Research Center staff are happy to help with virtual assistance at cosearch@state.co.us or by telephone 303-866-2305

The Research Center is open for in-person appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and select Saturdays from 10am-3pm.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Appointments must be arranged at least 3 business days prior to date of intended visit.

Bring the excitement of discovery and exploration home with you through one of History Colorado's Legacy and Learning Kits. Learning kits are ideal for those interested in learning museum techniques for preserving and caring for objects that are important to them, such as family heirlooms. Legacy kits are designed for exploring the stories that objects can tell through engaging with real objects from the History Colorado collection. Depending on the kit, materials are either available for purchase or rent.

To order, click the checkbox for the kit you'd like to order and hit the SUBMIT button.

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silver kit.jpg
Learning Kit: How to Clean Silver---$15, $13-members, $5-shippingKit will provide supplies for cleaning silver and tarnish prevention. The materials provided for cleaning silver should be able to clean 4-5 medium teapots. The silvercloth provided for tarnish prevention should be able to line a jewelry box or make a small pouch and the anti-tarnish strip should work in apx. 420 cubic inches. Amounts are approximate and depend on size, level of tarnish, application, storage situations, etc.

Kit Includes
Cotton pads
Cotton tipped applicators
Calcium Carbonate
Anti-tarnish strip
Copy of How-To Clean Your Silver presentation
Cleaning Silver Conservogram
Material lists
Instruction sheet for silvercloth
Information for anti-tarnish strips
Information for calcium carbonate
Supply list
Kit photo.jpg
Learning Kit: How to Store Textiles-- -$60, $50- members. For pick up only.This kit is perfect for anyone interested in storing a textile that is important to them, such as a military jacket or a quilt. Using the supplies provided, individuals can follow museum industry standards for storing textiles. Especially important is the step-by-step guide that is included with your purchase. This guide details a special museum technique for creating tissue supports for your textile that will help prevent long-term damage. This kit is only available for pick-up at the History Colorado Center.

Kit includes:
+Museum quality textile storage box- 24” x 36”
+14 sheets of archival tissue paper
+Step-by-step guide for storing textiles
Wedding Dress Kit Photo 2.jpg
Learning Kit: Wedding Dress Storage-- -$150, $140- members. For pick up only.Are you a bride-to-be and starting to think about what to do with your dress after the big day? Or perhaps you have a wedding dress crammed in a closet somewhere that you wish was stored better? The wedding dress storage kit is great for both past and future brides who want museum quality storage and preservation for their dress. The kit is only available for pick up. Pick up locations include the History Colorado Center as well as other History Colorado Community Museums. Customers will be contacted to arrange pick up after purchase.

Kit includes:
+Step-by-step guide for storing your dress
+Museum quality textile storage box- 22" x 60"
+25 sheets of archival tissue paper
+1 pair of gloves
Learning Kit: Military Service Medals Storage-- -$40-45, $30-35- members, $5-shippingThis kit provides the essentials for anyone interested in storing military service medals, such as badges, ribbons, or patches. Using the supplies provided, individuals can follow museum industry standards for storing military awards. The step-by-step guide included with your kit details the importance of using archival materials, the different ways you can arrange the medals for display, and environmental storage suggestions. This guide will help prevent long-term damage while providing a great display option. This kit is available for pick-up at the History Colorado Center or shipping for an additional cost.

Kit includes:
+Choice of a 5" x 7" ($40) or 8" x 10" ($45) clear lidded box
+Black stockinette covered foam block
+Tyvek cover
+Small plastic bag to store pin backings
Learning Kit: Potholder Crochet Patterns-- $20, $15 - members, $5 - shippingCalling all crochet enthusiasts! Make your own potholders based on real objects from History Colorado's Collection (2007.58.8 and 2007.58.9). This kit includes a link to a YouTube instructional video (about 1 hour) to teach you how to crochet the two patterns provided. The video, featuring two volunteers from History Colorado, walks viewers through each step in both patterns as well as optional modifications and recommendations to create your own take on real museum objects.

This kit is available for pick-up at the History Colorado Center or shipping for an additional cost ($5).

Kit includes:
+ 5 mm metal crochet hook
+ TWO instructions for patterns from the History Colorado Collection (2007.58.8 and 2007.58.9)
+ TWO contrasting colors 4-ply craft yarn (cannot guarantee colors)
+ TWO contrasting colors 10 weight cotton crochet thread (cannot guarantee colors)
+ Link to YouTube instructional video on how to create both patterns
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