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Explore Colorado’s past through the archives, artifacts, and photographs of the History Colorado Collection.

The Stephen H. Hart Research Center provides access to the History Colorado Collection as well as research and reproduction services. The Research Center is open via appointment Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-3pm. Please visit the Research Center page for more information. Research Center staff are happy to help with virtual assistance at cosearch@state.co.us or by telephone 303-866-2305

The 10th Mountain Division, a full division of the United States Army, specializing in mountain and winter warfare, trained at Camp Hale, Colorado, during World War II.

Experienced in skiing, mountaineering, and cold-weather survival as well as military tactics, the soldiers fought enemy forces in the Italian Campaign of 1945. Dubbed the “ski troops” by the press, the 10th Mountain Division remains the only military division recruited by a civilian organization, the National Ski Patrol. Many 10th Mountain veterans contributed greatly to the development of the recreational ski industry in the United States and to the growth of related fields such as outdoor equipment development, recreation, and nature conservation.

In 1987, the National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, consisting of alumni of the World War II division, designated History Colorado and the Denver Public Library Western History Department as joint repositories of their historical materials. Among the contributions to the History Colorado collection are skis, boots, uniforms, climbing equipment, weaponry, war souvenirs, and a snow cat.

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armbandUS Army Medic Armband of Francis W. "Bud" Lovett, 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment88.405.1
RucksackRucksack Used by 2nd Lt. Leonard B. Sutton at Camp Hale, Colorado89.148.2
stoveStove, Cooking, Gasoline, M1942, 1 Burner ; Type 2 mountain stove89.666.56
Mountain BrushBrush, Mountain Stock No. 74-B-791 ; Snow broom89.678.4
compassLensatic Compass and Carrying Case of Raymond C. Richardson, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment89.678.6
FezBenito Mussolini's fez90.117.1
SweaterSweater, Highneck Stock No. 55-S-64234--55-S-64252 ; US Army fatigue sweater91.80.2
Lip balmChapstick Carried by Capt. Albert H. Jackman, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment91.417.9
Ice AxAustrian Ice Ax Taken as War Booty by James A. Scales, 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment92.397.1
telephoneEE-8-A ; US Army Field Telephone Used by Headquarters Company, 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment93.515.1
Climbing Rope85th Mountain Infantry Ice and Glacier Climbing School rope94.63.1
Crampon, pairEckenstein design crampons94.63.2
bayonet, scabbardUS Model M1 Garand Bayonet with Scabbard of Charles "Charlie" Darby Hunt95.208.4
pack framePack Frame Used by Lt. Adrian J. Durant Jr., 604th Field Artillery Battalion95.293.4
Flare GunFlare Gun Used by Troops of the 10th Mountain Division to Celebrate V-E Day95.300.2.A
FlagNazi Banner Captured by Bert Fein, 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment97.76.1
knifeKnife Issued to Ed Kysar for the Assault on Kiska, Aleutian Islands Campaign97.117.1
pistolGerman Luger P08 (Parabellum) and Holster Taken as War Booty by Sol Gutow, 605th Field Artillery Battalion97.247.4
EpeeEpee of Benito Mussolini, Presented by His Fencing Instructor Camillo Rodolfi, and Taken as War Booty by Ben Kovach, 85th Mountain Infantry Division99.11.1
bracelet, identificationIdentification Bracelet of US Army Medic Francis W. "Bud" Lovett, 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment2001.105.8
pillow coverSouvenir Pillow Cover Featuring Camp Hale, Colorado2001.165.2
Goggles, SnowGoggles, Ski-Mountain; Stock No. 74-G-79 ; Ski-Mountain Goggles of Robert A. Huddleston, 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment2009.32.1.1
FlagJapanese Flag Taken from Kiska by John Daily, 87th Mountain Infantry RegimentTMD.45.1
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