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Explore Colorado’s past through the archives, artifacts, and photographs of the History Colorado Collection.

The Stephen H. Hart Research Center provides access to the History Colorado Collection as well as research and reproduction services.  Please visit the History Colorado website for more information. Research Center staff are happy to help with virtual assistance at cosearch@state.co.us or by telephone 303-866-2305

The Research Center is open for in-person appointments on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and select Saturdays from 10am-3pm.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Appointments must be arranged at least 3 business days prior to date of intended visit.

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Item SelectionAvailable ActionsImageObject NameTitleObject ID
cassette tape, Oral historyClyde G. Canino Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.020
Garramone and Carpinello image.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyLou Garramone and Joe Carpinello Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.025
cassette tape, Oral historyElaine Zimmerman Ciccone Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.032
Tony Corbetta.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyTony Corbetta/Carabetta and Alice Palmeri Piro Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.034
cassette tape, Oral historyLouise DeBell Oral History 2004CIAPA.OH.041
cassette tape, Oral historyPeter "Pete" Emily Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.055
cassette tape, Oral historyJuliet (Julie) Nicoletti Schray Jiracek Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.072
cassette tape, Oral historyDescendants of James and Antonia Guida (including daughters Julia Guida Pacifico and Clara Guida Schwanek) Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.103
cassette tape, Oral historyBelinda Iacovetta Roberts (Pesis) Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.121
1649 Boulder Street Denver.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyRose Ann (Rondinelli) Dezzutti Westbrook Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.123
cassette tape, Oral historyMargaret Helen DiSalvo Rossi Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.125
3955 Kalamuth Denver 2017.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyFred Sabell Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.128
ciapa.oh.140 .jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyGloria Lombardi Stuckey Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.140
811 Elm Street Cipolla (Farrell) House PHOTO by Joseph Coffee -.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyCipolla (Farrell) Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.172
925 Elm  - Joseph A. Coffee PHOTO - DiSalvo.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyDiSalvo Family and Venuto (Williams) Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.179
1215 Elm - Juliano PHOTO by Joseph A. Coffee .jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyJuliano, Tavarozzi, Appugliese (Maurello), Spaccamonti, and Albo (Joe Colistro) Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.185
810 Elm Street Mulay, Camus, Foster House PHOTO by Joseph Coffee.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyMulay (Camus) and Mulay (Foster) Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.193
824 Elm Street - Location of DeJoy House that Burned Down PHOTO by Joseph Coffee.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyPannunzio, DeJoy, Piastri, and Palumbo Oral HistoryCIAPA.OH.196
726 Elm Street.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyRunco Oral History (see also CIAPA.OH.204)CIAPA.OH.203
1032 Elm - Sarlo (Carm Dorazio) House - Photo by Joseph A. Coffee.jpg
cassette tape, Oral historyCarmella "Carm" Dorazio Sarlo Oral History see also CIAPA.OH.208)CIAPA.OH.207
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