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Photograph of Agnes W. Vaille (1890-1925) and an unidentified man and woman in Coblenz, Germany, taken by an unidentified photographer circa January 8, 1919-May 8, 1919. The photo depicts Vaille sitting on a fence with a man and a woman standing next to her. Vaille is facing the camera and smiling, the other two are facing the landscape beyond the fence. This photo is a part of the Agnes W. Vaille photograph album (Ph.00452). Agnes W. Vaille was born in Massachusetts, but spent most of her life in Denver, Colo. She had no children and was never married. Vaille was a Red Cross Canteen volunteer in France and Germany during and after World War I, from 1918-1919. After leaving Europe she came back to Denver, Colo. where she worked for the Denver Chamber of Commerce. Vaille was also an avid member of the Colorado Mountain Club and climbed numerous peaks above fourteen thousand feet. She died on Longs Peak after reaching the summit via the eastern face during the winter months, a feat never before accomplished by a woman.
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