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Bow case
American Indian
United States of America
19th Century
This is a bow quiver and attached case. There is a leather shoulder strap attached in between the two. Both are made of buckskin, probably from deer. The quiver appears to be brain-tanned; the case has a suede leather-like appearance. The quiver is tapered from the opening to the end. The opening is trimmed in a red cotton cloth band that is two and a quarter inches wide. There is also a red cloth border sewn with leather lacing to the upper half of the inseam. The inseam is sewn with sinew. The buckskin floor of the quiver is sewn on with sinew and there is a serrated seam. The quiver, the case, and the shoulder strap all three pieces attach at two separate points with single leather laces. The ends of the shoulder straps extend into decorative fringed tails. The upper tail has a geometric pattern painted in red and black or dark blue along the upper edge of the fringe. The long case that is attached to the quiver is tapered from top to bottom but is much narrower than the quiver. If it is a bow case, it would have been made for a different bow than the one associated with E.1530.1.A. It is much too narrow for that bow to fit into. The case is fringed both on the bottom and on both opening flaps. The upper flaps are sewn on with sinew. Some of the fringe on the opening flaps is serrated. There are four horizontal bands of geometric patterns painted in red, green, and brown that decorate the outer surface of the case. There are traces of yellow ochre on the bow case and the fringes are pinked at one end.
Chief Ouray
Buckskin Charlie, Ute chief
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