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oral history
cassette tape
Michael Villano Jr. and Paul J. Villano Oral History
Michael C. Villano
United States of America
Denver, Colorado
December 31, 1976
Italian American
Colorado Italian-Italian American Collection
Physical description:
Original on audiotape cassette in case. Cassette side A has a length of 20 minutes, 6 seconds. Side B is blank. Transferred to one mp3 file for access. Clip of access file attached.

Project description:
In 2002, the Colorado Historical Society (now known as History Colorado) founded the Colorado Italian American Preservation Association (CIAPA). A volunteer organization, CIAPA’s mission is to work collaboratively with the Society and other organizations to develop, support and coordinate projects that preserve, promote and celebrate Italian American culture and heritage. Since 2002, CIAPA has carried out its mission by meeting with people from the Colorado Italian American community, recording their stories and creating an archive of research materials that includes oral histories, photographs, moving images, sound recordings and artifacts. To date, CIAPA has helped the Society acquire over 200 oral histories, 600 artifacts and nearly 6,000 photographs. Since 2002, CIAPA has developed over 4,000 research files, all of which document the history, culture and traditions of Italian American families in Colorado.

Interview summary:
See attached index for interview summary.

See MSS.02595 Michael/ Clair Villano files 1-2 and Paul J. Villano file for additional information and images.

This interview was a junior high school project for Michael C. Villano, Jr., the son of Clair Villano. He interviewed his grandfather, Paul J. Villano.
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File Name CIAPA OH 151 Paul J. Villano Clip
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KNS, Kevin N. Smith
Capture Date 10/3/2016
Notes Property of History Colorado. May not be reproduced or used without permission. Participant release forms on file. Cite as: CIAPA.OH.151 (2014.150), History Colorado.

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