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Notes See Department of Material Culture for archival image stored in the 2007.60 folder on CD: MC000111.
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Seneca No. 3A Scout Box Camera
Rochester, New York
c. 1917
This is a wood box camera with a leatherette surface finish. The camera makes size 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 inch exposures on roll film It has a built in meniscus achomatic lens, and an automatic shutter for instant and time exposures. Viewfinders are built into the housing in the top right corner (when held vertically) and the upper left corner (when held horizontally). The inner film roller compartment is built into the right side of the camera. Four metal latches lock it into place. The film advance lever is built into the outer right wall. A circular window in the upper left of the camera back shows how many exposures have been made on a roll of film. There is a leather strap handle mounted to the top of the camera body, and a tripod mount on the bottom. Included with the camera is the original merchandise packaging box.
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