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Notes See Department of Material Culture for archival image stored in the 2007.60 folder on CD: MC000111.
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Irwin ; Irwin magazine movie camera | Irwin Magazine Model 16 | Irwin Model 16
Irwin Corporation
c. 1930
The Irwin Magazine Movie Camera Model 16 was among the first U.S.-made magazine cameras (see Bib Tab for reference). The camera takes 16mm Irwin 50 foot film magazines. The camera has a rectangular metal body with a black textured outer surface. A hexagonal tube viewfinder is mounted on top of the body. The camera has a spring motor that runs at 16 frames per second. The winder is on the right side of the body. The f4.5/1" lens is incorporated into the body and has a chrome-plated hexagonal 'nut' serving as a lens shade. A hexagonal knob below the lens controls the lens aperature. A removeable leather strap is attached to the top.
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